Xiaomi Mi A2 In Depth Review And Price In India

Xiaomi MI A2


Build Quality











  • Superb Camera
  • Robust Build
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Pricing


  • A bit slippery
  • Battery could have been better

Baba says

The newly launched Xiaomi Mi A2 is master of some and certainly Jack of all trades. The camera is superb, the performance is stellar with functional design and everything packaged as a robust smart phone. There are a few downs here and there, but for the price Xiaomi Mi A2 stands up to its name of offering a buttery smooth and consistent experience.


Xiaomi Mi A2 : In Depth Review

Xiaomi Mi A2 was launched last year and it raised our expectations higher. The company is known for giving a Big Bang for the bucks invested I terms of hardware, while refraining from from experimenting with the UI. That changed when the MI A1 came with stock Android OS. It was a proof of how stable performance could be achieved with mid range hardware specs. Coming to the present year, the MI A2 has arrived at a starting price point of 16, 999 INR. We here at Review Baba received one review unit of a few days back before the actual launch date which gave us an ample time to test the important aspects of the phone, and it certainly did blow us away! Xiaomi has certainly upgraded its performance and specially in its camera department. Where as upscale smart phones are focusing on one aspect at a time, Xiaomi MI A2 offers a smooth and reliable experience in almost all the areas. It’s an awesome phone which won’t disappoint you at any cost. And we plan to describe why so in this review, carry on reading!


Design And Build

Spotting the Xiaomi DNA in the MI A2’s design is not a difficult task. It inherits the robust design of the Redmi Note 5 pro and builds on top of it. Hold it in Hand and you will feel the smooth metal finish of the back. The MI A2 hops on the trend of the glass sandwich design to slick to a metal unibody design. The anodised finish is super smooth but a little bit slippery as well and is almost completely resistant to the smudges. The Xiaomi MI A2 is incredibly thing at just 7.3mm at its thinnest point. There is a Gorilla Glass on top of the panel for the added protection. It’s clear that Xiaomi wants this phone to last till the end of the earth (Just Kidding, but who knows! Haha).

The body is built tough with no flex whatsoever, the buttons on the right side edge of the phone are bit wobbly. Another discomfort in the design is the camera bump. The vertically aligned dual camera unit on the top left corner stands out on the slick design. It’s difficult to keep the phone stable on a surface due to the camera bump. Xiaomi explains the same by saying the bump allows the auto focus motor more space which is certainly an acceptable tradeoff (talk of details to the design). On the back panel, there lies the fingerprint sensor which is centrally placed and finger reaches with ease. The bezels have lessened from the all sides. Xiaomi has replaced the capacitive navigation buttons with on screen navigation keys which disappear when watching any content thus maximising the real estate of the display.

The slim form factor of the MI A2 makes it easy to hold the phone and operate. The phone comes with transparent TPU case that takes care of both the camera bump and slippery nature.

The MI A2 might not be head turner for some, but it certainly is much more functional and reliable thus is bound to last longer than the most glass backed phones.



The display format allows the MI A2 to provide more real estate without increasing the size of the phone by much. It has 18:9 IPS LCD display and stretches to 5.99 inches diagonally. The panel has a full HD resolution, which means the pixel density stands at an astounding 403ppi. The display is sufficiently bright and vibrant, although some might complain of it not being the most color accurate. The color temperature is slightly on the cooler side and there’s is no way to tweak it. Display comes with customisation options which include turning on adaptive brightness which sets the brightness based on the ambient light. The phone wakes up discreetly when there is a new notification which doesn’t consume a lot of battery.

Being 18:9 display means it’s ahead of the most phones in the segment. YouTube videos do scale up to fit the larger screen. While playing games, the entire screen real estate is used without any issue and multi tasking is much easier, thanks to the big screen. 18:9 display format is certainly a huge improvement and you’ll have a lot to talk about the MI A2’s panel.



MI A2 is powered by the snapdragon 660. It’s the top of the line mid range chipset from Qualcomm which packs Kryo 260 cores with the max clock capacity of 2.2 GHx. When paired with an Adreno 512 GPU it promises a 30 percent improvement in the graphical performance over its previous generation MI A1. MI A2 with these hardware down the hood runs like a horse. For the Geeky souls we are presenting some bench mark analysis below.


Clearly, the MI A2 falls far behind the Honor Play, but that’s more aligned towards gamers, and certainly gaming is not the only aspect of smartphone usage, there lies something more which is all provided in optimal balance by MI A2. In our opinion A2 is aligned for everyday users who are more dynamic in their usage. Even when heavily loaded with multiple apps opened in background and multiple tabs opened in Chrome, the phone doesn’t slow down even a bit! Apps also load with much of delay at its peak usage.

As far as updates are considered, the MI A2 is going to future proof, a huge thanks to the Android One certification. The phone shall keep on receiving security updates along with an upgrade to Android PIE when it’s available.

Gaming on the MI A2 is also a decent and acceptable experience. We played PubG for fun and testing purposed and with medium graphics it ran smoothly without no frame drops whatsoever. However, at this price point it’s difficult to find a smart phone with gaming proof and heavily loaded with hardware juice to carry on gaming experiences.

Overall, the MI A2 is an all round performer. It doesn’t center around one single viewpoint and rather, endeavors to offer a general smooth ordeal regardless of whether you are gaming, spilling TV shows or perusing web based life. The Mi A1 set the benchmark for mid-officers higher and the Mi A2 takes it significantly further. Having a similar equipment and a similar interface yet with a lower value, the Mi A2 basically eats into the generosity earned by the Nokia 7 Plus which will have a troublesome time persuading purchasers to pay the additional premium for its solid and one of a kind outline.



The An arrangement by Xiaomi is by all accounts a decent stage for the organization to explore different avenues regarding leader camera setups in the mid-go value section. The A1 a year ago had an auxiliary zooming focal point with the alternative of 2X optical zoom. The A2, this time, brings pixel binning which is an imaging innovation seen in costly leaders like the Huawei P20 Pro. For this, the Mi A2 depends on a double camera setup with a 12MP essential and a 20MP optional focal point. The two focal points have a gap of f/1.85. The essential focal point utilizes a Sony IMX 486 RS sensor with 1.25um pixel contribute that is has been utilized the Redmi Y2 and the Redmi Note 5 Pro. The auxiliary camera has a Sony IMX 376 that backings pixel binning by consolidating four 0.5um pixels into one 2um superpixel. The optional sensor kicks in of course when there’s less light, however you can physically change to it in the star mode.

The camera application of the Mi A2 will be natural to any individual who has utilized a Xiaomi gadget previously. The shooting modes are arranged close to the base of the screen, effectively available with one hand. You should simply swipe left or right. Choices like turning on HDR (which is on ‘auto mode’ as a matter of course), alongside more granular settings like turning on self-clock, tilt-move and gathering selfie mode sits over the screen. The center pointer likewise bends over as the shade catch which helps in taking photographs rapidly. The application is spotless, moderate and doesn’t come in the method for shooting. It takes some investigation to see every one of its capacities which, in my brain, is dependably something worth being thankful for as you continue finding new highlights over the season of its utilization.

The camera itself is very quick and smart when there’s plentiful light. Under low light, the camera takes somewhat longer to get ready for the following shot which is reasonable considering the pixel binning innovation which requires some investment. A similar innovation is additionally there in the front camera which has likewise has the same 20MP sensor that is there on the back, again with pixel binning guile.

We are attaching some camera samples below to give you all a proper feel of the capabilities of Xiaomi MI A2.





Generally speaking, the camera on the Mi A2 is one of the main motivations to purchase the smart phone. A ton numerous smart phone currently offer a stock Android involvement with excellent equipment, yet few approach the overall consistency of the A2’s camera.



Inferable from its thin shape factor, the battery limit naturally turns into an exchange off. The Xiaomi Mi A2 packs a 3010mAh battery which is a hair lesser than what the Mi A1 had. However, because of a correspondingly effective processor and lightweight stock Android, the A2 effortlessly figures out how to last a function day which commonly starts around 10AM till 8PM in the night. After overwhelming use amid my scope of ChinaJoy, I needed to put it on charge around 6:30PM, which is the point at which the battery hit the 10 percent stamp. On PCMark’s Work 2.0 Battery Test, the Mi A2 endured 5 hours 13 minutes, which is a consoling score. The Honor Play, in correlation has around 800mAh more battery limit and squeezes out around 9 long periods of screen time on PCMark. The real joke with the telephone accompanies a moderate charger out of the crate despite the fact that it bolsters Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 standard. Utilizing a Quick Charge confirmed charger effectively beat up the battery in around 60 minutes, which generally takes a decent 30 minutes more.




The Mi A2 has every one of the components of achievement. A vigorous, useful plan, a solid show, lightweight UI increased by a quick performing chipset and a class-driving camera (particularly in the low-light section) makes the Xiaomi Mi A2 difficult to disregard. It’s certainly pricier than its ancestor however in light of current circumstances. The enhancements in the camera and execution is reason enough to update in the event that you are utilizing the Xiaomi Mi A1. There are some niggles and bargains as an appalling camera knock, warm shakiness and application crashes, which may demonstrates there’s more work required in streamlining the stock Android interface with the equipment. The Mi A2 is likewise going to be the principal Xiaomi gadget in years to valued around the 20k stamp. The Mi 5 was the last to order that cost. There was obviously the Mi Mix 2, however that is in an alternate value section inside and out. It is intriguing to see whether the Mi A2 figures out how to offer as quick as Xiaomi’s Redmi telephones particularly when the asking value this time is considerably higher. With respect to me, I would prescribe the Mi A2 over Honor Play for its inside and out smooth understanding. The Honor Play is the prevalent entertainer here and it looks more premium too, yet the stock Android encounter is considerably more usable and customisable than Honor’s EMUI. Moreover, the camera on the Mi A2 will be an unmistakable hit with anybody even remotely into photography. The Mi A2 is additionally a more sensible purchase over the Nokia 7 Plus which has been administering the upper mid-run section in our survey sheets for some time now, essentially at the lesser cost label it accompanies.

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