Samsung Gear S3 Frontier In Depth Review

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


Build Quality











  • Loaded with features
  • Awesome connectivity
  • Cool watchfaces
  • Solid Build Quality


  • A bit Bulky
  • Stock straps might feel uncomfortable
  • Audio could have been louder

Baba Says

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier brings class driving battery life and is tantamount to smartwatches can be right now. Samsung stepped forward in the smartwatch advertise a year ago. The organization’s Gear S2 and its pivoting bezel was a major advance forward for how a brilliant gadget on your wrist ought to be cooperated with. In any case, the Gear S2, for all its decency was still somewhat harsh around the edges.



Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Design

The Gear S3 Frontier is all the more a masculine gadget. It’s immense 46mm body doesn’t generally acclimate with ladies’ watch outlines. All things considered, I do know ladies who like wearing such watches. As it were, the Gear S3 looks to me like a Casio G Shock, and that is not an awful correlation with be a piece of. Not at all like the Gear S2, the Gear S3 looks less like a toy and more like a genuine and rough watch. The Classic feels more plasticky than the Frontier, yet strongly more rough than the S2.

Actually, I do like the Gear S3’s Frontier’s looks, however others may vary on that. All things considered, looks are abstract. What I think most will concede to, however, is the assemble quality. The pivoting bezel marginally raised over the dial, which makes it less demanding to…well…rotate. It is likewise a more furrowed plan, which looks and feels rough.

The two catches on the correct side are additionally furrowed and clicky, which can rest easy and acclimates with whatever remains of the plan. You’ll locate the optical pulse sensor on the back, and a calfskin tie out of the crate. A standard stick instrument keeps the lash set up, which means you can go to any watch creator to get another 22mm tie that fits.

The Gear S3 Frontier is likewise IP68 affirmed, which means you can clean up with it, or go out in the rain in the event that you have to.


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Display

Samsung utilizes its Super AMOLED boards on its smartwatches also, and the Gear S3 Frontier is maybe as well as can be expected get. Equaled just by the Apple Watch 2, the Frontier has a 1.3 inch 360p show, with splendid and lively hues. Corning’s Gorilla Glass SR+ has been utilized to stay away from scratches and influence the show to remain against knocks also. I knock it few times, now and again accidentally on an auto entryway and a couple of times on the armrest of my seat, yet there is no unmistakable scratch on the glass. I even took a stab at knocking the watch on the divider intentionally, however that didn’t prompt any scratches either.


AMOLED boards, particularly those utilized by Samsung, are liable of oversaturating hues, however, and that remaining parts here. Nonetheless, what’s astounding is the way well the Gear S3 Frontier renders photographs synchronized from your telephone. It isn’t so much that you’ll generally utilize it, yet in the event that you have to, it demonstrates subtle elements really well and pictures look fresh.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier OS, Speed and Usability

Utilizing Tizen for its OS of decision, Samsung really has a twofold edged sword to manage here. While the OS and interface is far smoother and quicker than contending Android Wear, or even Apple’s Watch OS 2, there’s extremely no applications to use with it. I wound up downloading Uber, which some of the time proves to be useful, however generally I didn’t require whatever else Samsung’s Gear application store brought to the table. There are applications like News Republic, CNN, Guardian News Pro and even a few amusements, however none that I extremely utilized on the watch. Additionally, I detest the way that most amusements are paid recreations at the present time.

A point to be noted here is that Samsung’s Gear application is inconceivably moderate. Samsung has upgraded the plan throughout the years, yet the application takes too long to download or refresh administrations. Truth be told, as I compose this, regardless I have 5 applications pending refresh since I couldn’t be tried to manage the Samsung Gear application.



Then again, Samsung has influenced the bezel significantly more valuable this to time. You can clearly explore the watch utilizing the bezel, but at the same time it’s perfect with a few amusements and applications now. Moreover, the bezel is gradually turning into the inside purpose of the majority of Samsung’s watch collaborations. For instance, while you can swipe on the watch face to accept calls, it guides you to pivot the bezel clockwise or counter-clockwise to acknowledge or drop calls. After some time, I began pivoting the bezel just, rather than utilizing contact. It’s not exactly the one stop arrangement yet, but rather you can see where Samsung is going with this. As I would like to think, Samsung’s Rotating Bezel is a substantially more natural approach to connect with a smartwatch than the Digital Crown on Apple’s rendition.

As far as sheer speed and ease of use, I observe the Gear S3 Frontier to be the best of the parcel, notwithstanding the absence of application bolster at this moment. Apple’s Watch OS remains the one to beat for the occasion, yet given that none of the applications there are extremely valuable it is possible that, I’m not whining.


Fitness, GPS tracking and other important features

Much like the Apple Watch 2, the Gear S3 accompanies worked in GPS, and it fills in and you’d anticipate. You can take the watch out for a run, while it tracks your area without the telephone. You can even put some music on the gadget to tune in to with a Bluetooth earphones. You have just around 2GB of usable space out of the 4GB, however. In the event that you are conveying your telephone along, Samsung has a worked in mouthpiece that enables you to get calls appropriate from the watch.

The speaker is sufficiently uproarious for quiet rooms. Actually, I regularly talked straightforwardly from the watch while accepting calls around evening time. It works generally, however you’ll look senseless talking into a watch openly. The Gear S3 Frontier doesn’t exactly convey your voice extremely well in case you’re essentially strolling with your arms close by, and talking on a call.

To the extent wellness following is concerned, much like the Gear Fit 2, the Frontier is likewise keen on urging you to proceed on. It salutes you at whatever point it can and encourages you to move when you’re stationary for a really long time. That, over the long haul, helps. I ended up moving about more frequently than I for the most part would.

Be that as it may, the programmed practice following didn’t exactly kick in as it should. The watch never perceived full exercise circuits, doing push-ups, rushes, boards, squats and hopping jacks. We attempted various occasions, yet Samsung’s S Health application didn’t react consequently as it should. It improved on the Gear Fit 2, however not consummately there either.


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Battery Life

Purchasing a smartwatch still doesn’t bode well, yet Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier is just about gradually arriving. The bigger body accompanies a 380 mAh battery and it’s the longest enduring among smartwatches today, notwithstanding Pebble’s watches. Given that the organization is presently dead, the Gear S3 Frontier is extremely the best as far as battery life.

On normal use, I got the watch to most recent three days effortlessly. This, after it spent multi day following 6000 or more strides, around 20 minutes of activity, I even accepted a few calls. With this, the watch, which was charged to 100% on a Tuesday evening, left charge on Friday, at 7pm. In case you’re not utilizing the GPS and dependably in plain view, it can even keep going as long as four days. That is around 4 times the battery life that the Apple Watch 2 can give.


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is in the same class as smartwatches can get at this moment. It is quick, has a best class show and great battery life. Finally, the Gear S3 Frontier and Classic are additionally good with iOS gadgets, which implies iPhone clients have the ideal other option to the Apple Watch. The Frontier didn’t skirt a beat with the iPhone and it doesn’t lose the vast majority of its functionalities, as Android Wear smartwatches do. In the event that being the best smartwatch available issues, at that point Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier is unquestionably the one at the present time. It doesn’t make smartwatches consummate, or valuable, however it’s arriving.


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